This is a blog about the amazing dandy trailer tent. I aquired one of these beauties at short notice last year – the intention being to utilise it for the festival season, and then sell it on. As I am sure many owners will tell you, quiring one of these folding campers is easy but getting rid of them is a whole different matter!

So it sits in my drive a year later, ready for this season, and having inspired a whole host of renovation projects and ideas for improvement…

The Dandy is a sort of cross between a trailer tent and a caravan. It is easier to tow than a caravan and more wind & rain proof than a trailer tent. They look like a trailer tent but are made out of a PVC fabric and have some solid walls with a door in.

The PVC used in the consturction of the tent section is one of the unique features of a Dandy. This PVC  makes a great deal of difference to the unit, it’s wind proof, rain proof and doesn’t rot if you pack it down wet, additionally it means that the camper now has a very long life, the base can give out before the “tent” part. The inside of the old units was very simple but many are in use today with out major refurbishment.