Dandy PVC Awning

When I first got my Dandy home I have to confess to being a little scared of the awning having read so many “horror” stories about errection of the said beast! Since overcoming my fears I have no doubt that the standard pvc awning more than compensates for its slightly quirky set up and weight, by adding a whole new dimension to the Dandy experience. Indeed, now I am never tempted NOT to put it up. This is even with a bag of unmarked poles to contend with – there are just a couple of  things to remember to avoid teaching your little ones undesirable vocabulary! Have a look at the diagram below:

Dandy Awning Frame Assembly

Dandy Awning Frame Assembly

  • The red pole is SHORTER then the green pole!
  • The blue poles should not be extended fully until the awning cover is in postion!
  • The light blue pole is not required until the awning cover is in position!

Now if you remember the three things above – all should be well. And its is just a case of following the diagram above. The full instructions are:

  1. Assemble the frame as above, leaving the front (blue) poles short enough to throw the cover over
  2. Make sure the three short poles sticking out of the front of the frame are in the pockets on the pvc awning cover
  3. You know the awning cover is in position when you can attach to the press-studs on the three front-to-back poles near the hooks
  4. Fit the centre pvc panel with press-studs and zips, THEN adjust the height of the corner (blue) legs, THEN add the centre (light-blue) leg
  5. Attach the bungee cords to the buttons on the trailer endwalls (under the roof)
  6. There should be two short poles left – slide these into the pockets on the flaps that come across the rear of the trailer (blocking the space under the bed) and bungee these in position – one end of the cord down the side towards the wheel-arch, the other across the back of the trailer.
  7. All thats left now is to push the awning flap under the main roof and tie-off to the poles inside your trailer, then tension your main roof rope to seal.
  8. A few guy rope and peg adjustments should have it all looking dandy!

I was lucky enough to also have a strip of pvc that attaches with velcro under the door of the trailer making it all very cosy once the groundsheet is down. It is SO much nicer stepping out of the trailer into the awning than into the open – especially first thing in the morning or on those occasional UK days when the weather is not tropical!

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  1. Andi says:

    Many thanks for this! We have only put our awning up once so far and this is a great help :o)

  2. Stephen says:

    Can’t argue with any of this excellent guide. The only thing I would add is that the middle press stud is the tightest to fit and should be done first – the two outside press studs are easier to fit as you can wiggle the poles around to get the two halves of each of the outside press studs to meet

  3. Dawn says:

    This should help us loads! We took our newly acquired Dandy out for Easter and attempted putting the awning up which ended up looking a proper saggy mess lol Thought we were going to have to buy a stand alone motorhome awning but will give it another go with your instructions. Thanks!

  4. Julie says:

    Hi, IS it possible to attach a free standing awning to a dandy designer ??

  5. Ryan says:

    Great advice, thanks for sharing, know where to send people when they need help with this.


  6. Keith J says:

    Ever wanting to have a satisfying and comfortable trip outdoors? Well, dream no more because the dandy trailer tent is the solution for everyone’s camping comfort.

  7. Dawn says:

    Just a quick update on putting up our awning. We took a copy of the diagram above with us this time and the awning went up great, no saggy mess this time :o) Thanks again.

  8. helen says:

    Hi, can anyone help? We have a dandy delta approx 1991 and are looking to buy a lightweight awning to use. Does anyone know what type and size we could use?
    Any help appreciated

  9. anne says:

    hi can u help me ? going to by dandy trailer tent 1974/82 light gray there is no awning with it can i buy one and at what cost

  10. admin says:

    Three options really – contact these guys – look out for a cheap one on ebay or look into converting an caravan awning to fit…

    Good luck!

  11. Clive says:

    I have an Outdoor Revolution Movelite xl awning for my Dandy4/ Delta. Its light, easy to put up and fits like a glove. It cost £215. There is no condensation in it even with a breathable groundsheet ; its also a lot bigger than the Dandy PVC job. I still have the Original PVC awning and might use it if I knew that strong winds were forecast as I know it can cope!

  12. annita says:

    I have just got a dandy and I am trying to clean it, has anyone got any tips on cleaning the windows. (condensation)

  13. admin says:

    I think the main tip is not to use anything abrasive as it is very easy to scratch the windows. I used some of the spray shower cleaner on the windows followed by a soft cloth.

  14. Jayn Wright says:

    Does anyone know the sizes of the red and green poles? I don’t think mine are original and don’t seem to fit the awning correctly. There are no spring fittings between them and I have 4 poles of 30, 32, 32 and 34 inches which in no manner fit together to make the size given on the awning erection files (57 and 59 inches)

    I am loathe to let my OH loose with a hacksaw until I know what size they should be so any advice would be much appreciated.

  15. Joyce says:

    Can anyone tell me if the Outdoor Resolution Movelite xl awning will fit a Dandy Dart? Find the pvc awning supplied with Dandy is getting too heavy for me to handle. Any information would be appreciated.

  16. Jim says:

    We put up the awning for the first time on our recently acquired Dandy Designer last week. It’s a massive lump – built like a battleship and not much lighter! But where’s the door? There isn’t one as such – you just have to squeeze through the gap between the unzippable front of the awning and the main section! The zip’s are pretty stiff, in spite of lubricating with silicone spray and then trying candle wax. Being so stiff, I’m surprised that they haven’t broken so far.

    I’m not sure we’ll bother putting up the awning for just two or three days camping. It _is_ handy to have the extra space, but a lot of time and effort to put up!


  17. andrew says:

    is it posible to get the original plans to the awning?i could make my own one from sheet pvc,i have worked for a pvc company for many years.having the correct sizes would be lot easyier thank you.

  18. Joyce Gallilee says:

    Have “as new” Dandy awning for sale to fit Dandy Dart in Royal Blue/White with curtains, pegs, skirt to attach to trailer to stop draughts and full assembly instructions. £250. Can deliver Teesside area free. e-mail joyce.gallilee1@ntlworld.com

  19. john says:

    hi i`ve just been given a dandy for free it`s the orange on
    but the pvc is in need of a very good clean can anyone help me on the best stuff to use to clean it

  20. kerry says:

    i only have 3 roof poles on my awning one on either side and one in the middle but on your diagrame you have 5 where can i buy the other 2 from or dont i need them plez help as would like to go on holiday soon

  21. admin says:

    I guess it depends on the size of your dandy – the two poles you mention clip onto the front of the awning frame and have a similar claw at the other end to the three poles you already have – this is assuming you have a “standard” awning of course. I would suggest contacting Riva diretly as I am sure they will be able to supply the missing poles.

  22. kerry says:

    thank you the dandy i have is the brown one which i belive is the late 70’s design the 2 pole’s i have has got the over pole hooks on one end and the plastic clip like a washing line prop on the other end i have been to a couple of camping shops and they tell me that it should be ok but with a family of 6 2 adults and 4 kids i dont just want to take the chance of it all falling on us, 🙂

  23. admin says:

    Kerry – becomes clearer!

    The poles you have are not the edge poles but the ones that sit between the centre and edge poles – you are missing the outside ones. These outside poles slot into the corner piece, you should have two corner peices?

    The ones you are missing have the hook at one end and slide into the corner piece at the other. I would agree with you that these poles are neccessary to errect the awning safetly.

    This all assumes it is the same as mine of course and not some hybrid version – you should be able to tell from the diagram on the blog?

  24. kerry says:

    sorry i havent been clear i have the outside poles its the left middle and the right middle poles that r missing i have all the rest of the poles i have the poles that fit on to the frame work just the 2 poles that hook over green and red on the diagram if u have my email u can pm me n tell me off for been thick lol 😉

  25. Ian says:

    We have today just put up our Dandy Delta. We were limited with space in the drive to put the awning up so we did it using your guide leaning it against a trellis fence. I thought it was quite straightforward and the key is to have the front poles down while you pull the awning out.

    This is a 1997 Delta and it looked like the awning had never been used. We also found we had a sun canopy as well and we’re assuming you use the same poles – this looked more used. But it cleaned up fine with a mop,

    I have some instructions for folding the awning if anyone is interested.



  26. carol fulton says:

    we have a dandy designer with a marachel awning supplied with the camper. the awning zips on and is supplied with very heavy steel poles. our dandy designer is blue and white. the pvc awning looks a better job to us and we wonder if it is possible to buy one to fit a 2005 designer in blue and white.

  27. Dave says:

    just want to say thanks for the instructions! had heard many a horror story about putting these things up and it type of put me off for a little while. my advice to any one looking for a easyer way of putting up your awning is to follow these instructions to the word! 🙂

  28. Cara says:

    I have a Dandy 6 but no awning anyone know where to get one or what alternative i can use????

  29. Jaybee says:

    I have a Dandy Dart with a brand new awningh but no poles!!
    Can anybody helploc ate spare poles or perhaps you have a set going.
    Cash Paid. I live in Cornwall but can collect.
    Member of the Dandy Club. Tel No 01726 852287
    Thank you

  30. Ian says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just spent a few days down in Somerset with our first outing this year in our Dandy Delta. We put up the full awning – we always struggle at point of the instructions and resort to gaffer tape!

    However, point of my post is that we have bit the bullet and bought the Outdoor Revolution Movelite XL awning – we erected it in the garden today without the Dandy. Does anyone (Clive?) have any photos or advice on attaching it to the Dandy? Much obliged – my email address is pumps_100@yahoo.co.uk

    Another tip to share is that we have had problems with squeaking/creaking bed – it was driving my wife crazy after our first night. The problem is simply movement the plywood against the retaining strips. I bought some WD40 and by going outside/under the bed using the small straw with the WD40 I just sprayed a ‘bead’ of the magic lotion along the strips and problem was resolved.



  31. Ian says:

    Sorry – I was not clear on the part of the awning instruction we always have difficulty with:-

    Step 6
    There should be two short poles left – slide these into the pockets on the flaps that come across the rear of the trailer (blocking the space under the bed) and bungee these in position – one end of the cord down the side towards the wheel-arch, the other across the back of the trailer.

  32. admin says:


    These are the poles which keep the “back” wall of the awning upright and stiff, there should be a bungee cord attached which if correctly attached keeps the pole (and therefore the awning) tight against the trailer.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  33. Ian says:

    Thanks but the height of the ‘flap’ piece seems too high and I’m unsure where you tie off the bungee. We end up just putting in against the front of the Dandy and putting a strip of gaffer tape along the edge – OK as long as you don’t have too much wind!

    I would agree that once the awning is up it really is substantial but… We have the sun awning as well which uses the same poles and really looks good.

    As I’ve said we’ve bought the Outdoor Revolution Movelite XL and will try it out shortly. I got it on Ebay – paid £112 inc post. Second hand prices e ebay are currently £100 – £140. But I did see one sell for £160.



  34. brian says:

    we have just brought a dandy dart with awning and could not work out how to hang the curtains up in the awning we have six curtains all the same size and three curtain wires but wear do thay go .many thanks brian

  35. jackie says:

    hi i have got a dandy lichfield which is the brown and cream one can i put any awning on it or do i have to get the specific one for the camper as the awning we have got was bought second hand and has had some rough treatment ie bent poles torn fabric so am looking to replace for next year could anyone help me with this problem please and tell me where to get a replacement from i live in boston lincolnshire

  36. Paul says:

    Hi all, looking for an awning for our Dandy 4 birth 1970’s brown and white trailer tent.

  37. ricky says:

    help my poles not colour coded have read above but without colours i need more help

  38. Colin says:

    I’m also looking for an awning for a 1970’s Dandy 4-berth. The tent’s brown & white, but it doesn’t matter what colour awning is – so long as it fits.

    Any available ?

  39. Kare baker says:

    Hi is there anyone got a awning in brown and cream for sale for an 1980’s dandy dart trailer tent thanks

  40. Kare baker says:

    Also looking for a couple of hub caps in silver

  41. nark says:

    hello has anyone got a dandy dart awning with poles for sale please , if so email me , m.suddaby@yahoo.co.uk

  42. nark says:

    hello has anyone got a dandy dart awning, blue and white one, with poles for sale please , if so email me , m.suddaby@yahoo.co.uk

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